how would Zo look in “non-chibiish” style

here’s my guess :’D

Asdfgjkl Hot damn *slapped*
Thank you so much your too sweet! I’d gibberish more but my phone keeps auto correcting everything aha ( I can message you what happened and everything later if you wish and I’ll reply to your message later :) )


for robotrigger, some really bad shit happened to him and it really was uncalled for

always here for you man :(

i haven’t drawn wakfu chars in a while rip

Aw thanks and thanks for listening! :)

Every time I draw him I think his hair is stupid…. Fluffy

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Met Zo, watched him silently.

Ohh eyy! I knew I recognised your name for some reason I know I should have said something but I was having a shy day I’m happy to have had a silent convo with you aha, I would have doodled a silly reply but I’m at work xD

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Some crop WIP thing might finish sometime I don’t know.


One of the villagers I have in my AC. 

Keigan doodle

Dynast thing.


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Arcade (Eca), Keigan (Eni), Zo (Sac), Rhodun (Osa), Shino (Eni) and Kizami (Osa).

missing: Voice, Awoken, Twisted hope, Puddle, - some others aha.

Yesterday was a normal day until the sky suddenly filled with bees. First time I’d ever seen a swarm so it was pretty epic, we called a local bee keeper who came along and took them away to a new home.

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Times Zo has fell to his death in Vamp after forgetting the Borbats aren’t stabilized: 4

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