I’m proud but still working on them… need to level some weapon crafts for Shushu items but right now I’ve had no time as I need to keep returning to Thicket every 20 minutes to kill off some outsider whos cutting all the trees.

Maybe I should stop caring about thicket for a while.

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Tumblr keeps distorting this image making it look fuzzy so…click it for the clear one.

*attempts to draw with extremely shaky hand and block*

Those GM eps I am borrowing from the kind little Pillow so we can get on with other things aha… <3

I hope to finish this…someday maybe when I feel better.

I got some nasty artblock… and I lost my brush settings … 

Wanted to sit and do some serious drawing today but my hands are really super shaky… bleh. 

Anonymous: Did you drop something? 0:

Pft nah the celebration is for… Reasons.
If I drop something you’ll all know about it.

*Muffled celebration sounds.* 

Sorry if I disappear again.

[explaining this: sometimes I just stop posting due to me working for money or on a personal project that’s taking its sweet time. ] 


likeajann: Aren't sacriers sexiest creatures ever?


10/10: Would bang.

Anonymous: *continues to laugh at your misfortune of being half the team and not dropping the epic*

This about Ara’s GM eps? 

She pouched them so. Yeah.

Anonymous: When I started playing a few months after beta I swear you was bonta's ecologist who would just send dots in chat to people who did bad to the eco you have climbed since then!

Hmm well first gov placement I was given was ecologist not sure how long ago that was though but could be I guess aha. 

Since then I’ve been Head guard, Vice and now of course Gov. 

doc-acher: Fudfudfudfudfudfudfudfudfudfudfudfudfudfudfudfudfudfudfudfudfud

((Explaining this quickly, was running GM and my food was done right before the boss so I said lets do this quickly…and it felt like forever and I hadn’t eaten all day… ))

Anonymous: Draw the person most important to you

No seriously don’t ask me to do things like this.


…Please don’t ask.