Messy sketch I wont complete. Have to work on commissions n junk aha.

Anonymous: I notice Zo loses his eye a lot any reason?

[ answer here, gore blog warning. ]


Process for Liliuth’s commission. Full here

Was trying to do something but this is as far as I got.

[meant to have some meaning.]

Liliuth and her old snow puppy. 

Anonymous: Did Tux have his own body at one point?

Super behind on these questions in here whoops, work and whatnot. 

Yes he did a very long time ago but it’s long lost obviously, His ‘old’ look does start to appear on Zo over time in form of odd mutations.


I forgot to take something for … three days it’s starting to effect me now aha.

Commission for Casey.

…My mind is doing the thing again, Nothing seems interesting and I don’t see a future for myself.

So going back to cropping things I did a few doodles and well… turns out…

I cannot crop them very well….

Tablet is also smaller than my old one and I keep drawing very small for some reason.

So I got my new tablet to work… getting use to it is going to be a pain though.

but this means I can finish what I started! 


I can’t doodle anything decent in the weekdays.

Every Xel I know does this and it’s beyond annoying.