One of the villagers I have in my AC. 

Keigan doodle

Dynast thing.


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Arcade (Eca), Keigan (Eni), Zo (Sac), Rhodun (Osa), Shino (Eni) and Kizami (Osa).

missing: Voice, Awoken, Twisted hope, Puddle, - some others aha.

Yesterday was a normal day until the sky suddenly filled with bees. First time I’d ever seen a swarm so it was pretty epic, we called a local bee keeper who came along and took them away to a new home.

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Times Zo has fell to his death in Vamp after forgetting the Borbats aren’t stabilized: 4

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Anonymous: didn't you use to have speepaints ?

They are all set to private on my Youtube now, sorry.

Messing around with Keigan’s design

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Don’t attack others over what they like to do. 

I had fun.

Since Keigan is an air Eni I like to think he tries a lot of potion based things and messes things up for other people a lot, Mainly based on a conversation I had with Ara.

Bad scan since scanner is somehow tilted on the inside bit.

Urugh I feel really sick… I can’t drink or eat anything without feeling super crap after.

Another weekend of being sick. (Week 3)