Ohhh Kizami! I am working so hard to drop Woboots for you but so far no luck! *sobs*

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[Kid Zo]


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One last doodle including oversized cult bird helmet.

Sketches that have been on my Sai for a while… meh.

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At least the tofu’s head is warm.

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I should post my mob doodles more… Whisperers still best.

Scrap of undone things.

Anonymous: Someday Shino will come up against her worst possible enemy... Rope.


Anonymous: And piano wire

Not cool.

No difference here.* I let Meier talk to the peasants for me now.

A friend asked me how come I don’t draw the crown how it looks ingame- answer is I think it looks too bulky…and it’s not fun to draw.


Is the clear design of the tattoo on his chest. 

I’m sorry Shino…

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